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Introducing our new app,
USE Source.

Watch this “commercial,” and then watch the Introduction Tutorial video to learn about the passwordless technology we’re using to securely access internal news on the USE Source app.

Before you download the app, watch this introduction video with critical instructions for verifying your U.S. Engineering email address.

Helpful Videos

Step 1: Introduction & Sign-In

Everyone should watch this video to learn about the app and see how to sign-in using passwordless technology. Click here to watch.

Step 2: Access Work Email on Your Phone

If you don’t get your work email on your phone, watch this video to learn how you can still get the verification email on your phone. Click here to watch.

Step 3: iPhone Sign-in Troubleshooting

If you’re using an iPhone, and it failed to sign-in on the first try, watch this video. Click here to watch.

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