BIM-photo-blend-pipeU.S. Engineering’s “One Model” BIM concept is the solution to a constantly-evolving construction industry.  From design concept to owner occupancy, the “One Model” streamlines all phases of work.  Our commitment to the accuracy of the BIM model starts with a fully-updated, shared database.  This database is used for everything from estimating to CAD, to fabrication, to a dynamic BIM model that can be used throughout the life of the facility.  While others may just talk about BIM, we practice the “One Model” mindset.

Preconstruction initiates the “One Model” BIM process by creating a model for estimating and using the same database throughout the CAD, CAM, procurement and installation processes.  At this point, the model can be tied to a schedule used for planning and phasing for the project.  The model is then handed off to the virtual construction department which scrubs, coordinates and prepares the model for fabrication and field install.  Once construction is complete, U.S. Engineering’s “One Model” is incorporated into the owner’s BIM model for use throughout the life of the facility.