plumbing-fabU.S. Engineering’s plumbing fabrication shops are staffed with experienced plumbing crews dedicated to assembling the most complex plumbing configurations and ensuring timely shipping to the field. The result is the ability to meet critical project completion dates, provide quality field products, and deliver seamless installation.

Our spacious facilities offer the necessary fabrication areas and material bins for ample inventory and pallet storage.  The shops are equipped with a wide range of tooling including:

  • Bridge crane for loading fabrication onto trucks as well as unloading incoming materials
  • Vertical band saws and chop saws
  • Grooving machines
  • Electric copper tubing cutters
  • Table saws and T-drills
  • Welding machines, including TIG stations, and MIG welding machines
  • Manifold systems for acetylene, oxygen, and compressed air
  • Plasma arc machines

These facilities enable us to quickly and efficiently produce the needed parts for any job.