mtfpFrom hospital corridor racks to bathroom pods to headwalls, U.S. Engineering has seen the successful implementation of multi-trade prefabrication (MTPF) first-hand.  A collaboration of all trades, MTPF improves efficiency throughout the entire construction process, thereby increasing overall project success. Early coordination between teams determines the direction of all fabrication, which people have buy-in to the process, and what assemblies can provide best value for the owner. The lean construction process results in:

  • Parallel construction activities
  • Increased safety due to the controlled fabrication environment
  • Minimized labor onsite
  • Less congestion and more space to build onsite
  • Less trash and scrap materials
  • Minimized material storage – easier to keep project organized and on schedule
  • Increased quality due to repetitive assembly process
  • Increased level of pre-planning – BIM by all teams encourages more pre-planning
  • Better value to the owner