systems-start-upWhether it’s new construction or an existing facility, our commissioning and start-up services provide the most cost-effective means of improving your building’s energy efficiency and system performance. And once we help your project achieve LEED status, you’ll enjoy benefits like energy savings and lower operating costs for years to come.

Our commissioning and start-up team is anything but green when it comes to experience. With diverse backgrounds in design and construction, they work to ensure your building’s systems are correctly installed, and address issues that could negatively impact operations.

  • Services for new construction and existing facilities
  • Skilled professionals in both mechanical and electrical systems, focused on getting buildings to operate and function as designed to meet owners’ specifications
  • Hands-on experience with most all manufacturers’ equipment to ensure quality, workable and efficient installation
  • Complete electronic documentation provided, including pre-equipment compliance checklist, start-up and testing through functional performance and system demonstration and training