BIM-photo-blend-HVACU.S. Engineering’s “One Model” BIM concept is the solution to a constantly-evolving construction industry.  From design concept to owner occupancy, the “One Model” streamlines all phases work.  Our commitment to the accuracy of the BIM model starts with a fully updated shared database.  This database is used for everything from estimating, to CAD, to fabrication, to a dynamic BIM model that can be used throughout the life of the facility.  While others may just talk about BIM, we practice the “One Model” mindset.

After the model is prepared for fabrication and install, it is used to track the ductwork and piping spools through shipping, staging and billing phases. The field construction team uses the model in three forms:  an electronic and/or printable copy to install the project; a 3D model that can be used to clarify, schedule or sequence the field work; and a point file from the model that locates all hanger and sleeve points throughout the facility.  The “One Model” process ensures that U.S. Engineering’s systems are installed accurately and timely, and will operate as intended for the owner.