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Our leaders are passionate and our company culture is strong. We are built upon a storied history of experienced, diversified and respected mechanical contracting five generations deep. We are driven by our vision to be the best–both as a mechanical contractor and as leaders within the communities we serve.

Clay Daniels


U.S. Engineering Service

Virgil Connors

Vice President, Midwest Region

U.S. Engineering Service

Richard Jones

Vice President, Operations

U.S. Engineering Service

Josh Seiler

General Manager, Rocky Mountain Region

U.S. Engineering Service

Matt Floyd

General Manager, Ozarks

U.S. Engineering Service

Mitch Watson

General Manager, Flint Hills

U.S. Engineering Service

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5 Things New Hires Should Know About Mechanical Construction

Apr 06, 2023
Sarabeth Gandara

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2023 Rocky Mountain Golf Tournament Benefits Nehemiah’s Restoration

Jul 06, 2023
U.S. Engineering

Western States College of Construction Achieves Milestone and Receives Grant

Aug 29, 2023
U.S. Engineering

CEO Tyler Nottberg Interviews Author David Von Drehle on C-SPAN about “The Book of Charlie” and Living a Resilient Life

Jun 26, 2023
U.S. Engineering

U.S. Engineering Provides Innovative Project for National Student Competition

May 24, 2023
U.S. Engineering

Reflecting on the legacy left by Gus Nottberg, founder of our Rocky Mountain Region

May 16, 2023
Tyler Nottberg

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