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Our leaders are passionate and our company culture is strong. We are built upon a storied history of experienced, diversified and respected mechanical contracting five generations deep. We are driven by our vision to be the best–both as a mechanical contractor and as leaders within the communities we serve.

Bryan Taylor


U.S. Engineering Construction

Todd VonLintel

Vice President of Operations, Rocky Mountain Region

U.S. Engineering Construction

Nate Persell

Vice President of Operations, Midwest

U.S. Engineering Construction

Richard Green

Vice President of Project Development, Midwest Region

U.S. Engineering Construction

John Marlow

Vice President of Project Development, Rocky Mountain Region

U.S. Engineering Construction

Whitney Bell-Haggard

Vice President of Strategy

U.S. Engineering Construction

Wes DeLong

Associate Vice President of Preconstruction Services

U.S. Engineering Construction

Bill Daniels

Vice President of Client Development Emeritus, Midwest

U.S. Engineering Construction

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Dec 05, 2022
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Nov 22, 2022
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