University of Colorado Denver Research Complex

Aurora, CO


University of Colorado at Denver

Square Feet


This building is located on the Anschutz Medical Campus and is an expansion to Research Complex 1 to which it is connected via an underground tunnel.  The building is an eleven-story, 503,000 sf research facility containing wet labs, BSL3 lab, laboratory support facilities, offices, conference spaces and a 45,000 sf vivarium.

The chilled water and steam services are served from a central utility plant located on the campus.  In addition, the building utilizes a heating water system generated via steam-hot water heat exchangers.  The second floor is mainly occupied by the air handlers serving the entire building.

The 3rd – 11th floors consist of wet labs and procedure rooms which occupy over 75% of each floor with the remaining being occupied by support facilities, offices and conference spaces.

The Vivarium at 45,000 sf is located in the basement and served by two dedicated air handlers and an exhaust system.  The area mainly serves four rodent housing areas which utilize cage rack fans and an animal watering system.

The project was modeled and coordinated entirely in 3D prior to installation of systems.