Mars Chocolate North America

Topeka, KS


Mars Chocolate North America


McCarthy Building Companies

Mechanical installation of raw materials to make chocolate

There was three aspects/strategies of the MARS project that supporting us in completed our work in a timely fashion and to a level of detail that the end user appreciated. First, was to bring on the correct supplemental steel/support subcontractor that would not only alleviate the burden of installing the supplemental/hanger supports but, would take ownership in getting the supplemental steel detail, fabricated and installed in a short amount of time. Second, was to recognize that we couldn’t fabricate one of the main piping system out there which was a jacketed piping system. Knowing this we decided to partner with CSI who we have worked with in the past and we knew what value they would bring to our team. From this point we brought CSI (USE Supplier/Vendor) in early to help establish the correct design/specs for the jacketed system. This process took a few weeks to hammer out but, in the end it was one that was critical in installing/creating a working system. Lastly, we look at the other major piping system which as a trace system (sanitary tube with two copper lines banded to the pipe. Sanitary tube carries the commodity product….say soy oil and the two copper lines (one supply and one return) carry the heated traced water which thru heat transfer keep the commodity product at a certain temperature in order to maintain proper flow thru the piping system). We told ourselves that there is no reason we couldn’t prefabricate this system…..i.e. ship the pipe out with the copper lines already attached, the guides already attached, etc….this approach allowed our field guys to become “installers” and not “fabricators”. How much more efficient could you get with the pipe being delivered onsite ready to be hung in place and bolted to the next piece? Minimizing the field fabrication and increasing field production.

  • Supplemental Steel/Hangers – Detailed/Coordinated in the model, spooled for review, fabricated, sent to painter shop for painting and then shipped to field for installation by steel subcontractor.
  • CSI (Jacketed System Fabricator) – Detailed/Coordinated in the model, spooled for review, sent to CSI for fabrication (detailed which fab pieces we wanted first) and then shipped to the field for installation by USE.
  • Traced Piping System – Detailed/Coordinated in the model, spooled for review, sent to USE Fab Shop for fabrication which included banding the copper traced lines to the SS Pipe, installed guides, any fittings/ports/etc, shipped to jobsite, insulator insulated pipe on the ground and then USE installed the pipe. We did have a few pieces that had to be altered but, it was impressive to see that we could fabricate so much and to that level of detail, to only make it fit so well in the field.