Merriam, KS





JE Dunn Construction

Square Feet

583,000 sf parking space | 360,000 sf facility

The popular, ready-to-assemble furniture company, IKEA, recently established Kansas’s first IKEA facility in the town of Merriam. The new IKEA location consists of multiple parking garages, retail space, restaurants, and warehouse space. As the mechanical contractor, U.S. Engineering was responsible for participating in the preconstruction and construction services of the project; and utilized 3D modeling and coordination capabilities to make it a success.  With the advanced software used to optimize fabrication, the overall project schedule duration was shortened, which allowed for significant time and labor savings. U.S. Engineering incorporated multiple energy-efficient features into the project including geothermal heating and cooling systems.


  • geothermal piping loop – approximately 50,000 linear feet
  • 60+ geothermal indoor and rooftop water source heat pumps
  • geothermal water-to-water heat pumps
  • outside air supply units with heat recovery
  • dedicated DX dehumidification units
  • Siphonic Roof drainage system
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