Comcast Potomac Data Center – Phases 1 and 2

Centennial, CO 




Saunders Construction (Phase 1)
Executive Construction Inc. (Phase 2)

Square Feet

60,000 sf warehouse to data center conversion |
9,500 sf white space

The Comcast Potomac data center project consisted of a two-phase remodel and conversion of an existing warehouse for this mission-critical facility. Phase 1 consisted of converting the current warehouse into a 60,000 sf data center, which included 9,500 sf of white space with 2.7MW of IT load. Phase 2 of the project, which consisted of an addition to the existing warehouse, required the project team to complete the design, build, start-up and commissioning within a tight schedule of only six months. The mechanical system features prefabricated modules designed, fabricated, and constructed by U.S. Engineering, which house the chiller, chilled and condenser pumps, expansion tank, heat exchanger, chemical treatment, and controls.


  • modular construction
  • prefabrication and preconstruction
  • 750-ton prefabricated chiller
  • two-piece 90,000 lb. prefabricated skids
  • (4) 84,000 cfm custom air handling units (AHU’s)
  • Liebert XD system components
  • 1.8 mw of redundant IT power
  • 750-ton cooling tower
  • (3) data floor air handling units
  • (4) CRAC units
  • (2) AC units
  • (4) chilled and condenser water pumps
  • underground HDPE condenser water “B” loop piping
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