Fort Collins, CO
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This is an ongoing contract that provides our customer with Specialty/Custom HVAC and Ultra High Purity Piping Systems.

Most of the work involves installation of exhaust and high purity piping needed for tool installation for the clean rooms. The customer has three different clean rooms, Class 100 and 1000, on this campus that require unique procedures for getting the work completed. We also provide installation of pump vacuum forelines, utilities, solvent exhaust, and acid exhaust.

Through the years, U.S. Engineering has assisted our customers in developing and improving the quality and standards they now use. As fast as the high tech industry evolves, new and existing tools are continually being moved into or relocated in the clean rooms which requires coordination and pre-planning with the client and the other trades to meet the required turnover dates.

These high purity piping systems include hydrogen, phosphane and silane, among others.