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High-Purity Fabrication

Quality, on schedule, at a competitive price.

For decades U.S. Engineering has provided high-purity fabrication services to select clients. Now, with the addition of our ISO 5-certified clean manufacturing room in Johnstown, Colorado, we’re expanding our high-purity offerings to new customers.

Whether manufacturing advanced electronic components, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, or food-grade equipment, our process ensures a clean and controlled environment that eliminates impurities.

As one of the only ISO 5-certified clean rooms in Colorado, our facility yields product that meets your project regulations. Our commitment is built into our organization’s Core Values: we always provide quality, on schedule, at a competitive price. That’s a promise we’ve kept since 1893.


State-of-the-art ISO 5-certified clean room


30+ specialists trained on clean room methods and equipment


Orbital welders for precise, high-quality welds in the clean environment


Stringent borescope testing and quality assurance within the clean environment and again at the jobsite


Fabrication-to-installation in an ultra-clean environment


Reliable scheduling with market-competitive prices

“With our ISO 5-certified fabrication space, we have the ability not only to manufacture product in an ultra-clean environment, but to package the product in that clean space, ensuring that it remains protected from impurities during transit until its arrival at the site.”

Drew Shawver, Director of Operations, U.S. Engineering Construction

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High-Purity Piping

The systems we fabricate and install for this yearslong client include hydrogen, phosphane, silane, and others.

Clean Compressed Air

We helped SAFC Biosciences with a high-purity systems expansion under a demanding schedule requiring advanced planning.

High-Purity Filters & Piping

Our work at the GSA’s 1.2-million-sq-ft National Nuclear Security plant included high-purity gas filters and distribution piping.


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