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Reimagine what it means to build a data center.


megawatts of data centers built in the past few years


square feet of indoor manufacturing space in our facilities

1 million

hours of capacity in our plants for off-site manufacturing

This isn’t Construction as Usual.

Can you imagine if we were still using MySpace? No, we can’t either. That’s because we’ve been using Facebook for so long it’s hard to imagine our digital selves living anywhere else. Data center construction is nearing a similar evolution. The old way of doing things is still prevalent, but U.S. Engineering is in the process of “Facebooking” data center construction. That is to say, we are making it better and more efficient.

The construction industry has been trying to adopt a manufacturing mindset for decades. We’ve finally solved that puzzle. By driving innovation in off-site manufacturing, our radical planning and efficiency is improving project outcomes for our partners and allowing us to building projects faster, safer and without geographic limits.

Faster Projects

With the way we have reimagined project sequencing, we slash the schedule. Additionally, peer audits demonstrate that our advanced technology results in 20% better shop productivity than our competitors.

Safer Projects

Our off-site manufacturing moves work away from congested projects, which not only makes onsite teams more efficient, but it also makes them safer. Our incredibly low 0.47 EMR highlights our safety record.

Projects Anywhere

Because our manufacturing process and planning is so advanced, our program can be utilized anywhere, even in areas experiencing labor shortages–like when we shipped product from Colorado to Hawaii.

Client Story

U.S. Engineering’s quality of workmanship, schedule, execution, and safety management is certainly one of the best I have experienced in more than 18 years in this industry and on a very technical and complicated project.

Manufacturing Facility

U.S. Engineering’s family of companies includes two large manufacturing facilities, one near Denver and one near Kansas City. This video celebrates the recent opening of our facility in Kansas.

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