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Reimagining the Central Utility Plant


inspections on all welded pipe spools per rack installation


square feet of indoor manufacturing space in our facilities

1 million

hours of capacity in our plants for off-site prefab and modular

The Heart of Your Campus Facilities

BIG Central utility plants are the heart of complex life science campuses. Similar to the bioscience and pharmaceutical industries, the heart of our business is ingenuity. Our life science clients are developing RNA therapeutics and employing precision medicine to cater treatment to the unique needs of the individual. U.S. Engineering addresses the unique needs of our clients in the life sciences market with our advanced manufacturing process.

Advanced manufacturing has changed the way we do business.

The construction industry has been slow to adapt. U.S. Engineering has developed a better way to build, adopting a lean manufacturing mindset. We produce pre-assembled central utility plant equipment, ductwork and pipe racks, and plumbing bathroom groups in a controlled environment. Fabricated within a fully coordinated structural steel frame, our central utility plant equipment skids can be put in place quickly with a smaller crew on-site. In a market where labor is tight, we achieve our life science clients’ speed-to-market goals.

Local manufacturing enhances quality and productivity.

Leveraging our Metalworks Manufacturing Facility in Johnstown, Colorado, our manufactured systems are shipped with limited transit time. Thus, the chance of equipment experiencing damage en route is minimized. Manufactured materials are delivered on pallets or rolling carts, organized by the schedule’s work breakdown structure, informing our crews exactly where to install each component on the project.

Radical planning and efficiency

From This

Fabrication found on most job sites offers some prefab but leaves room for waste and inefficiencies.

To This

Our radical planning and efficiency yields off-site-majority projects and organized job sites.

Faster Projects

Leveraging our Metalworks manufacturing facility in Johnstown, Colorado, we can easily move our manufactured systems anywhere on the Colorado Front Range with limited transit time.

Safer Job sites

Our off-site manufacturing moves work away from congested projects, which not only makes onsite teams more efficient, but it also makes them safer. Our consistently low EMR highlights our safety record.

Lean Construction

Major disruptions to the future of the construction industry are coming, driven by off-site advanced manufacturing and modularization practices. Our lean approach leads to advanced quality control.

Our Work

U.S. Engineering is experienced across a wide-range of project types, including HVAC pipe racks and skids, central utility plant skids, and in-house virtual construction. Whether it’s a boiler, chiller or pump skid, we prioritize quality control, with multiple checks built in for every pipe, every measurement, every tack, every weld.