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The Legacy Project: U.S. Engineering’s commitment to a more sustainable built environment

Apr 20, 2023

U.S. Engineering

The Legacy Project is officially underway.

On April 17, U.S. Engineering publicly announced our long-term effort to form and execute a sustainability plan that will benefit our customers, our communities and our own organization. While the Legacy Project is new in name, the organization has been doing the work of sustainability for decades by making our customers’ facilities more efficient. Now the Legacy Project will formalize and expand our efforts, helping us leave our customers, communities and organization better tomorrow than they are today.

With the announcement comes a new website,, which focuses on both our internal efforts as well as information that will benefit to our partners. We share:

  • details on our own carbon footprint because we believe that in order to talk the talk we need to walk the walk.
  • success stories our partners have experienced in reducing their carbon footprint with our help.
  • resources and information about government policy that is driving sustainability in our two main regions—Rocky Mountain and Midwest.

CEO Tyler Nottberg emphasized the significance of U.S. Engineering team members leading the development and execution of the Legacy Project, as well as the importance of it aligning with our core values and mission to leave a legacy.

“This is something that has bubbled up from our teams,” Nottberg said. “This isn’t something that is driven by others telling us this is what we have to do. This is something that we are engaged in because it’s what we want to do.”

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