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North Colorado Medical Center

Since 2015, U.S. Engineering teams have performed renovations in this continuously operating healthcare facility, delivering design-assist services and complex coordination.


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12+ projects since 2015

Since 2015 alone, U.S. Engineering Construction (USEC) has performed more than a dozen projects at North Colorado Medical Center (NCMC). Among the highlights:

Bathroom Upgrades. This project encompassed an 88-patient-room renovation, which required relocating all domestic water utilities; renovating an existing AHU with a complete fan wall upgrade; and installing a rooftop RTU and HVAC piping to the AHU and RTU. Also placed: a new heating water system, including pumps, a heat exchanger, a steam station and temperature controls.

Pharmacy Renovation. USEC helped convert existing laboratory space into a clinical pharmacy, providing a new air distribution system with HEPA filters, exhaust and supply fans, lab exhaust valves and VAV boxes. Hydronic modifications, including replacing the cooling coil, also were made. We also handled the refrigeration scope, including piping for walk-in coolers and associated condensing unit; and plumbing, including emergency eye washes, floor drains, lavatories, sinks, urinals and water closets. We contracted with required subcontractors, including insulation, testing and balance and temperature controls.

C-South Central Building Air Handling Unit (AHU) and Skin. USEC built out the interior of levels three and four and provided and installed an air distribution system that included a roof-mounted AHU, exhaust fan, and VAV boxes. We provided the hydronic system, including pumps, an air separator, an expansion tank, heat exchangers, unit heater and piping for heating and chilled water. The plumbing systems included storm drain piping, domestic water piping, and sanitary waste and venting. USEC also procured required subcontractors, including insulation, testing and balance and temperature controls.

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