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For the 5th Year in a Row, CEO Tyler Nottberg Lands on the Ingram’s 250

Sep 29, 2020

U.S. Engineering

For the fifth straight year, CEO Tyler Nottberg has been named to the Ingram’s 250, which represents the Kansas City region’s most powerful business and public leaders. Doctors, mayors, general managers of sports teams, chancellors, founders and presidents made the 2020 list alongside Nottberg. This year, Nottberg’s leadership in the organization, community and region has been more vital than ever.

Last March, as we watched the pandemic and its repercussions unfold, Nottberg teamed up with other business leaders to form a Kansas City COVID-19 Task Force, which raised over $1.2 million in private funds to secure 50,000 COVID-19 test kits for the Kansas City area. He and his wife Leigh also helped finance the production of 10,000 face shields for The University of Kansas Health System by partnering with local business leaders at Dimensional Innovations (led by President Tucker Trotter, another Ingram’s 250 Honoree), InStore Design Display and The University of Kansas Center for Design Research. Both stories gained national media attention, highlighting two examples of the work Nottberg and the Task Force have done to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the Greater Kansas City area. He has worked directly and behind the scenes with hospital officials, community leaders and local government entities to contribute in a variety of ways.

In the midst of his community involvement, Nottberg wrote an open letter of thanks to craftswomen and craftsmen in our industry for continuing to work on the frontlines during this crisis. His heartfelt letter was read by thousands and was shared on social media by the national United Association of Union Plumbers, Fitters, Welders and Service Techs, whose General President, Mark McManus commented that Tyler’s words were “absolutely right.” His words inspired not only people within U.S. Engineering, but they spread across the country.

Tyler has also demonstrated commitment and dedication to inspiring and informing the people of U.S. Engineering. When it became clear how disruptive COVID-19 would be in March, he established an internal daily e-newsletter. Over the next few months, he has sent more than 60 companywide emails updating our team members with new information regarding our response to COVID-19, good news, company performance, mental health tips (including the U.S. Engineering Mental Health Playlist he curated) and more.

“Power” can be an elusive metric, but for the team members at U.S. Engineering, it’s easy to see why our CEO was selected as one of the most powerful leaders in our area. Congratulations to Tyler Nottberg on his well-deserved, five-peat recognition in the Ingram’s 250.

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