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U.S. Engineering Teams Contribute to Two AGC Building Excellence Award-Winning Projects

Jun 10, 2020

U.S. Engineering

U.S. Engineering Midwest and Rocky Mountain Region teams contributed to two projects recognized by The Builders’ Association at the AGC Building Excellence Awards Virtual Ceremony. We partnered with JE Dunn Construction on both projects, Wyoming Capitol Square and the University of Kansas Health System Cambridge Tower A.  

Congratulations to the JE Dunn team on these and all of the awards they received at this year’s award ceremony! We are proud to partner with JE Dunn to deliver these impactful projects to the communities they serve. 

Read about the projects below. 

Wyoming Capitol Square 

Renovation Project Award – 2nd Place Runner-Up, JE Dunn Construction 

The Wyoming Capitol Square project connected five separate buildings in the Capitol Complex: the Capitol, the Herschler Building, the Wyoming Supreme Court Building, the Barrett Building and the Hathaway Building. Our scope included linking all of those buildings to a new, expanded Central Utilities Plant (CUP). These buildings house Cheyenne’s central infrastructure—all of the teams involved planned carefully to avoid disrupting day-to-day activity.  

For this project, U.S. Engineering replaced, relocated and expanded the CUP and connected the east wing of Capitol Square to the CUP. U.S. Engineering also supplied cooling water and domestic hot water to the Supreme Court Building, the Barrett Building and the Hathaway Building. 

University of Kansas Health System Cambridge Tower A 

Project of the Year by General Contractor (over $250M), JE Dunn Construction 

The new patient tower at The University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, is designed to feature a kitchen, administrative space, plant operations, a loading dock, tunnel, services from the existing CUP, emergency generators, a two-level bridge, eight functional operating rooms and shells for four more. Additionally, the facility accommodates PACU, Radiology, a fourth-floor mechanical room and three levels of patient beds, as well as an enclosed pedestrian bridge that connects the North parking garage to the Northeast corner of Cambridge Tower. 

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