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U.S. Engineering Team Receives 5S Award at National Jewish Health Project

Jun 03, 2020

U.S. Engineering

Friday morning the U.S. Engineering team at the NJH – Center for Outpatient Health Project was presented with the 5S Award from General Contractor Mortenson Construction for implementation of the 5S Program. Cameron Cale, Mortenson Construction’s Senior Safety Engineer, presented the award to Victor Mariscal, Plumbing General Foreman, commenting that U.S. Engineering has fulfilled the “standard that Mortenson expects and wants for the entire site.” 

This award reflects the entire project team’s determination to implement the 5S principles set forth by Mortenson Construction. Without the leadership of Plumbing General Foreman, Victor Mariscal, On-Site Superintendent Johnny Craco and 3rd-Year Plumbing Apprentice/Trimble Operator Skyler Upton, this award would not be possible.

Senior Project Manager Ryan Waage remarked, “Victor, Johnny and Skyler have been faithful stewards of U.S. Engineering’s core values on this site. In addition to performing all of their job duties, they have built strong relationships with all project teams and have made it a priority to ensure the organization, cleanliness and efficiency of the site – something that the Mortenson Construction Quality Control Team called ‘top-notch.'” Waage continued, “This is a great achievement and recognition for all of the hard work they have put in!”

The 5S Program is a lean construction process that Mortenson Construction has implemented on the jobsite. 5S stands for Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain and helps keep the jobsite more organized, efficient and ultimately, safer. 

Thank you to the NJH – Center for Outpatient Health Project team for your dedication to ensuring a safe working environment, responding to customer needs and exhibiting integrity. Congratulations on your 5S Award!

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