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Creating a Unified Strategy Against COVID-19: CEO Nottberg Interviewed by Startland News

May 15, 2020

U.S. Engineering

U.S. Engineering Company Holdings CEO Tyler Nottberg is a co-founder of the C19KC Task Force, which recently launched Comeback KC, a collaboration between regional business and government leaders seeking to create a unified strategy to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nottberg recently spoke with Startland News about how Comeback KC came to be and what it hopes to accomplish. Goals include overcoming health inequities, a response to data that suggests some communities are affected more harshly by the virus. To address that inequity, Comeback KC will push for increasing the availability of testing and information flow about COVID-19 to those in the Kansas City area with limited access to health and financial resources.

“If you’re living in a minority community and you’re trying to start your small business, you should have as much access to that information as someone who is working in sort of a medium or a large-scale business in the suburbs — there should be no difference between those things,” Nottberg says.

In addition to focusing on connecting people and institutions to overcome the challenges presented by this novel coronavirus, those involved with Comeback KC hope Kansas City will emerge a stronger, more unified community. “We will end up in a place that we will be more proud of if we can find ways to continue to speak with one voice to put aside partisan or economic kind of differences and end up in a place where — relative to many other comparable cities — we’d be a model that others could look to.”

Read the interview at Startland News.

Tyler Nottberg // Chairman & Chief Optimist


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