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Introducing the new

Jul 12, 2019

U.S. Engineering

By now you may have noticed that things at look a little different. We recently redesigned our website to better represent our company’s vision and direction.

Visually we sought to make a bold statement that highlights our construction and service work. Some of our decisions include clean design, prominently featured images and descriptions of past projects, News & Insights that read like a digital magazine, and intentional use of white space that accentuates content and transforms your screen into a gallery displaying our work. We aligned the aesthetic choices on our website with U.S. Engineering’s forward-thinking values.

In considering the site redesign, we wanted to create a space that invites interaction and showcases the scope of the jobs we perform. Under the Solutions tab in the main menu, you can explore each company’s role in the U.S. Engineering family of companies and read about the services they offer. The Industries tab shows you what fields we work in and the types of entities we work for. When you visit Insights, you can read articles from U.S. Engineering leaders and view specific projects we’ve completed. And in the About section, you can learn about who we are, where we are located, what opportunities we have available and, historically, what we’ve been (2018 marked our 125th year doing business in the United States).

Just as each individual in the U.S. Engineering family approaches every building and service project with intention, we designed our new website with intention to reflect where we are currently as a company and where we’re headed.

We hope you find this new design as inspiring as we do. Please have a look around, and if you have questions about how your team can produce higher performing buildings at a lower cost of ownership, let’s talk.

Our team of innovative thinkers and expert collaborators looks forward to sharing our vision to be the best.

See where our innovative thinkers and expert collaborators can take you.
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