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Science & Laboratory Cheyenne, WY

State of Wyoming Combined Lab Facilities

The State of Wyoming Combined Lab Facilities consist of three agencies’ labs: Department of Environmental Quality, Wyoming Public Health Laboratory and Wyoming State Crime Laboratory.


State of Wyoming


GH Phipps Consctruction


118,000 sq ft

The facility includes a firing range, ballistics lab, and combined DNA index system. The state-of-the-art mechanical systems use differential pressure allowing each lab the proper air cascade to accommodate the materials that are being handled by each agency.

  • variable air volume system
  • Phoenix venturi air valves
  • stainless steel duct fully welded
  • bag in/bag out HEPA filtration
  • 250-ton chilled water system
  • lab water, lab gases & pure water system
  • 5 air handling units
  • 4 hot water boilers
  • 1 clean steam generator
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