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Data Center Cheyenne, WY

NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) facility provides advanced computing services for researching weather, climate change, oceanography, air quality, space weather and other associated sciences.


University Corporation for Atmospheric Research


Saunders Construction


173,000 sq ft

U.S. Engineering fabricated and installed the mechanical systems to meet LEED® requirements, which incorporate highly efficient design and construction techniques. Some of the systems include chilled beams, evaporator systems, energy recovery heat pumps, low-flow fixtures, highly efficient pumps, and other sustainable features. The NCAR supercomputer, at the time it was installed, ranked among the world’s top 25 for speed and the facility is 90% more energy efficient than typical supercomputing centers.

  • preconstruction
  • 25,000-sq-ft data center
  • under-floor air from 96 fanwall fans
  • evaporative water-cooled for 99% of the year with 1,000-ton chiller
  • hydronic piping systems with custom 45-degree nozzle
  • chilled beams
  • evaporator systems
  • energy recovery heat pumps
  • low-flow fixtures
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