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U.S. Engineering enters the Kansas City Business Journal Hall of Champions

May 10, 2019

U.S. Engineering

The Kansas City Business Journal (KCBJ) chose U.S. Engineering as a 2019 Champion of Business and inducted the company, as a three-time award recipient, into the Hall of Champions. On May 2 all of the 2019 Champions of Business gathered to celebrate the occasion and listen to songs that characterize their organizations.

The KCBJ also interviewed representatives from each inductee. Link to a two-minute video featuring U.S. Engineering’s CEO Tyler Nottberg on what makes our company unique:

The KCBJ asked each of this year’s Hall of Champions class two questions: What does it say about your business to have entered the Hall of Champions? And How do you maintain that level of excellence over the years? In response Nottberg reflected on how U.S. Engineering, at age 125, remains on top of its game: “We’re continually reinventing ourselves. We might be 125 years old, but it’s the first day of the next 125 years. We have to be able to initiate change or suffer the consequences of being overwhelmed by external changes.” Read the rest of the interview and responses from fellow HoC honorees.

In addition to the interviews, the KCBJ published a profile of each new Hall of Champions member. In U.S. Engineering’s profile, Nottberg highlighted the benefits of offsite building and adopting a “production mentality,” while President Tim Moormeier highlighted U.S. Engineering’s focus on the customer: “We try to help owners decide the best way to spend their money. “We give them options and information and help them understand what the outcomes will be if they take another path. We want them to optimize their investment.” Read the full profile on the KCBJ’s website.

Congrats to the other 2019 Hall of Champions inductees! We’re honored to be in a cohort with Centric, CRB, and Populous.


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