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Ingram’s Magazine Recognizes U.S. Engineering for Reaching a Company Milestone

Feb 02, 2018

U.S. Engineering

U.S. Engineering 125th anniversary

(Excerpt from Ingram’s Magazine January Edition)

125 Years (founded 1893)

U.S. Engineering Company

“Legacy,” says Tyler Nottberg, “is about accepting change as inevitable.” He’s the CEO of a company that has evolved from a metalworking shop in Cologne, Germany, to one of the most advanced and successful mechanical contracting firms in the U.S. But that’s not the end point. “We’ve worked hard as a team to continue developing and implementing strategies that move us up the value chain,” Nottberg says. “We’re one of oldest firms in the Midwest, period, and while longevity does not in and of itself constitute greatness, it’s tough to argue that mediocrity is what got us here,” he says. Thus, “our entire frame of reference is the next 125 years—not just five, 10 or even 20 years. We are always thinking about the long-term future, which means getting comfortable with uncertainty. That’s both exciting and daunting.”

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