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U.S. Engineering Company team members volunteered 682.25 hours in 2017

Jan 05, 2018

U.S. Engineering

As an organization, U.S. Engineering Company team members have invested 682.25 hours in service to others! This act of generosity has made a real and lasting difference our communities. I would like to thank everyone who participated in 2017.  Angela Small, Amy Moyer, Christeen Ramey, Delphine Keuma, Gil Garcia, Gina Middleton, Ginny Barnett, Hayley Fink, Justin Apprill, Karen Lavayen, Kevin Moran, Kola Bonner, Lisa Carney, Louise Vanisi, Melissa Agne, Rebecca David, Sally Platt, Scott Elsey, Shane Pouch, Sheila Speake, Steve Hancock, Thomas Kepka, Trudy Hadl, and Valerie Kilpatrick, thank you for volunteering your time, and proving that USE CARES!

In honor of those who gave their time U.S. Engineering selected three volunteers to make a $200 donation to the non-profit of their choice in their name. Sheila Speake was selected and has decided to give the donation to Gordon Parks Elementary.  Gordon Parks Elementary focuses on educating urban-core children who are at-risk. Delphine Keuma was selected and  has decided to give the donation to the MESA Robotics Team in the St. Vrein Valley school district. And finally,  Scott Elsey was selected and has decided to give the donation to the Starfish Project Foundation.

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