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Tyler Nottberg Joins Business Round Table Discussion as Part of Ingram’s 250

Sep 27, 2017

U.S. Engineering

Tyler Nottberg in Ingram's 250Tyler Nottberg was once again named one of the 250 most powerful business leaders in the Kansas City area by Ingram’s Magazine. He was selected as one of Kansas City’s key executives whose day-to-day decisions go a long way toward influencing regional business.

The full Ingram’s 250 list can be seen here: Ingram’s List

Nottberg was also among about 30 of those executives who participated in an Ingram’s think-tank discussion about issues facing businesses today. The group hit on regional growth, work force quality, innovation, social issues and more. In the Ingram’s Magazine article, Nottberg highlighted the importance of business leaders investing in education:

“Education is our clean-water issue,” said Tyler Nottberg. Just the lack of clean water is an existential threat to Third-World communities, work-force education must take on a greater emphasis in the U.S. “That includes early childhood education,” he said, and it’s incumbent on business leaders to foster more connections with education, something they are uniquely positioned to do. “We have the luxury as business leaders of not being caught in an election cycle. Some do a lot of advocacy, but not all businesses are engaged.

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