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U.S. Engineering EMR Rating improves to 0.45!

Jul 27, 2017

U.S. Engineering


Thanks to the hard work and dedication to safety shown by our team, U.S. Engineering’s EMR rate has improved to 0.45!
This our lowest EMR to date. The baseline rating is 1.0, and good companies aim to be below that number.

Each year, we work during the summer with our insurance partners to renew our insurance coverage. As part of this review, we receive a “rating” as to how safe we are as an organization. This rating is based on our historical injury claims and is referred to as our “EMR” (Experience Modification Rating). This number is a reflection of how well we are implementing our Core Value of Ensuring a Safe Work Environment and our goal to BELIEVE IN ZERO. It is also one of the first numbers that our customers look at when determining who they want to work with as a trusted partner.

Safety is not a priority at U.S. Engineering Company. Priorities can change. Here, it is a Core Value that sits at the center of our organizational culture. Every single person has a role to play when it comes to our safety culture. Statistics are important, but they are just outcomes of what has already happened. Safety is about looking forward—anticipating what is needed and avoiding risk.

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