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Contractor Magazine Features U.S. Engineering’s Manufacturing Strategy

May 15, 2017

U.S. Engineering

The annual Contractor Magazine “Book of Giants” report is out, and U.S. Engineering Company checked in as the nation’s 29th largest mechanical contractor. In addition to the ranking, the report highlighted the trend for mechanical contractors to invest more in manufacturing, especially in the face of labor shortages.

President Tim Moormeier was featured heavily in the article speaking on the company’s approach to increasing productivity, including adopting a manufacturing mindset. He also emphasized the importance of early involvement on projects in order to make the strategy work.

“Your best opportunity to manage field labor requirements is to get involved earlier in projects and try to level that peak push, but you only can do that if you’re allowed to plan the job,” Moormeier says. “When we start looking at projects with a hard bid and the design is complete and they want us to start two weeks later, that’s a bad project for us. We can’t execute our strategy and deliver the value to the project that we’d like to. It limits any mechanical contractor’s ability to deliver a project to the owner. We try to talk to owners and reason with them about why you want the subs involved earlier so that you get more value out of that process. You have more certainty of the price of project and more confidence that it can be delivered on or ahead of schedule. And you’ve got to show them through real projects that it actually plays out that way.”

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The article highlighting the company’s manufacturing strategy comes just weeks after representatives from the Federal Reserve Bank’s 10th District toured the company’s Colorado facility to learn more about the technological advances that are being made in the industry.

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