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Rocky Mountain Region celebrates safety milestone

Aug 04, 2015

U.S. Engineering

Chad Hymas inspires Denver area employees with his safety message.

Chad Hymas inspires Denver area employees with his safety message.

It’s natural to have a heightened awareness of safety after a workplace accident; safety becomes top of mind for everyone. But what’s the secret to our Rocky Mountain Region’s achievement of logging over 3.7 million hours without a lost workday incident? Our answer: We maintain an unyielding focus on safety even when things are going well.

As Tim Moormeier, President of U.S. Engineering, writes in our corporate safety plan, “It is too late to prevent an accident after it occurs. We must all plan, think and act safely, not only during our working hours, but in our family lives as well.” This belief was reinforced recently with a powerful presentation given by nationally recognized speaker Chad Hymas to over 400 U.S. Engineering Company Rocky Mountain Region employees.

The message delivered by Hymas was both personal and riveting: every one of us must step up, speak out, and take responsibility for our safety and the safety of others. Lives can change in an instant and the far-reaching effects can ripple through families and communities, often for years or generations.

Chad was injured in a ranching accident and rendered a quadriplegic. A husband, father, and world record wheelchair athlete, his story is one of triumph over seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and the untapped potential within all of us. Our employees gained a renewed energy and proactive focus on safety, and are inspired to share his message and live it every day – especially when things are going well. We want to keep it that way.

Safety is a core value of our company, reinforced with our “Believe in Zero” program of thorough and ongoing education, awards and incentives. Our team remains vigilant about safety–and we celebrate a record that is a testament to our success.

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