From the bottom of the ladder to the very top, the responsibility of having a safe working environment applies to everyone. In fact, our whole safety policy is based on this premise. Safety: It’s an issue that seems so obvious. However, without the proper rules, guidelines and culture to support it, there’s the potential of it being overlooked.

Not here. Although we are forward thinkers, we would never get ahead of ourselves when it comes to safety.

  • All safety program rules and guidelines are compliant with federal, state and local regulations.
  • An aggressive Transitional Duty Program to help injured employees return to work.
  • “Partners in Safety” program that allows each employee to take responsibility for safety on the jobsite.
  • Safety training classes for every new employee.
  • Monthly safety meetings featuring topics such as ladder use, fall safety and electrical safety, among others.
  • 2012 Experience Modification Ratio (EMR) of 0.62.