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Pourde Valley Health Systems



  • Preconstruction
  • Medical gas
  • Piping
  • Plumbing
  • Sheet metal
  • Subs-TAB and insulation


Medical Center of The Rockies
Loveland, Colorado

This specialized trauma and cardiac care hospital of 570,000 square feet featuring 135 beds was designed and constructed to attain LEED Gold Certification. U.S. Engineering was selected via pre-qualification, competitive GMP, fee and interview process with our initial budget validated at completion.

Our site project team geared up in the summer of 2004 to support the majority of mechanical rough-in starting the following March and completing by November 2005. This fast-track hospital required U.S. Engineering to start 3D detailing, coordination and ductwork fabrication prior to the final contract documents in order to maintain the project schedule.

Our mechanical installation included 2,700 tons of cooling, 1,200 hp of boilers, air handlers to distribute 670,000 cfm of air, 1,323 plumbing fixtures and 1,293 certified medical gas outlets.