Federal Reserve Bank

$17.5 million
Design-assist GMP


  • 2,400-ton chilled-water plant
  • Computer roof system
  • HVAC piping
  • Plumbing
  • Sheet metal
  • Fuel systems
  • Chlorinated drinking water and water storage system


Federal Reserve Bank
Kansas City, Missouri

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is a new 616,000-square-foot currency handling facility and office building. The 15-story tower, completed in January 2008, sits prominently in the downtown Kansas City skyline adjacent to the historic Liberty Memorial. The building includes executive offices, open office areas, cafeteria, exhibit space, firing range, cash handling and a 573,000-cubic-foot vault.

U.S. Engineering led the 13-month coordination and detailing process to assure all scope of work fit within the building constraints. The systems include a 2,400-ton chilled-water system, purified drinking water system, clean steam, humidification, softened water, commercial kitchen and fuel systems.