Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal division is unified in bringing innovation and value to our clients. Since 1975, we've provided sheet metal expertise for air conditioning, heating and ventilation projects in the Colorado area. In 2007 we added the same level of service with operations in Tennessee.

Experience and versatility shows in our sheet metal staff. Through their combined efforts, we're able to keep up with the latest technology in order to expand our capabilities, and to offer even greater value to our clients.

  • Serving the Colorado area since 1975 and Tennessee since 2007.
  • Current volume of $25 million and an experienced, diversified staff of 150.
  • Keep pace with the latest 3-D Cadd, computerized shop equipment, scheduling, computerized estimating and project management tools.


Our sheet metal fabrication shop has grown to more than 100,000 square feet of interior/exterior space. In 2002, we installed a 3-D Cadd system that has the capability to download drawing files to our computerized plasma cutter and our automated coil line which installs duct liner and sealant. In fact, we capitalized on this experience when we added a fully operational sheet metal fabrication shop in Tennessee in 2007.

Today, we fabricate between 4-5 million pounds of ductwork, and also have an entire fleet of delivery trucks to ensure your ductwork arrives to the project site in clean condition and ready for installation.

  • Innovative 3-D Cadd computerized shop equipment.
  • Ductwork is fabricated from many different materials, including galvanized, stainless, aluminum, PVC coated and black iron.
  • Clean duct protocol for healthcare and critical cleanliness projects.